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In March 2021 after four attempts Stephanie became president of the Law Society of England and Wales and for her and many others this was a monumental achievement for the legal profession in the UK, becoming the first person of colour president something that had never been done before in the history of the Law Society. But against all odds she achieved it in a feat which caused the legal and business world to sit up and take note.

Stephanie took the profession by storm taking the reins at one of the most turbulent times in British history. 

In her entertaining, informative, inspirational and motivational speech Stephanie shares the never-before story of the demands on her as the first president of colour, the focus on her mission and vision, to leave the profession more diverse and inclusive than the one she entered, reframing the narrative on justice, Artificial Intelligence bias and challenging the myths around what a leader should look and sound like.

Leading keynote
A specially crafted keynote address that resonates with your audience and speaks to your specific needs.


A powerful speaker with an innate ability to convey powerful messages in such a calm but passionate manner.

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