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Book I. STEPHANIE BOYCE to inspire your event.
I. Stephanie Boyce: solicitor, thought leader, campaigner and keynote speaker.


A thought leader, commentator and campaigner.

Dare to dream!


My vision is to leave the profession more diverse and inclusive than the one I entered.



My mission is to enable equality of opportunity and equity, that no one is unfairly excluded from a profession because of their characteristics or socio-economic background. That the determinants to success and how far you can go are your ability, skills and aptitude.


​I. Stephanie Boyce is the Former President of the Law Society of England and Wales. In March 2021 she made history becoming the 177th, the sixth female and the first person of colour to become president. During her tenure as president she successfully steered the profession through a number of world crises which challenged the legal sector like never before including the Covid 19 pandemic, holding the line in difficult times and helping the Law Society to define its core public value in the 21st century, whilst redefining how it delivered and remained true to those core values in a digital world.

“I. Stephanie Boyce, a truly remarkable leader and role model. Her achievements, dedication and commitment to drive change in diversity and inclusion, social mobility and access to justice serve as an inspiration to the next generation."

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